Winning History of Slot Machine

Slot Machine Winning History Online

Its a great feeling of exhilaration to people, when they hear about the gigantic winning of any casino player in the slot machine history. Big scores are offered either by high stakes blackjacks table, one spin of a roulette wheel or even when the parsimonious slot machine gives progressive jackpot.

Casinos have changed the life of many people in a drastic manner. Common people become wealthy and wealthy ones become even more wealthier, in just single day. Sound unbelievable but true.

Some of the casino winnings that created history are: Kerry Packer won million in Las Vegas MGM Grand

Kerry packer created history in winning from casino. It was in the year 1997, in MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada. Kerry Packer who was billionaire from Australia and high roller, won $20,000,000 from Las Vegas MGM Grand.

When we talk of slot machines, there are at least two types we can mention: the video slot machine and the reel slot machine. When you play the reel slot machine, your chance to win the big jackpot are higher if you play the maximum number of coins (which means 3, 4 even 5 coins per spin) especially for the progressive slots. For example: Buy-a-Pay machines link the payout with the number of coins you bet: the winning combinations are the cherries, the bars and the sevens. To receive the jackpot for the sevens, you must have bet 3 coins (not one and not two coins, but three), otherwise you get nothing. Video slot machines do not necessarily consider the connection between the coins you bet and the payout. Video slot machines have 9 pay lines and 3 or 5 reels most of the times. As a particular type of gambling machine we can mention multiplier slots: a specific symbol will bring you the win and this will be multiplied by the number of coins played.

Slot machines are capable of much more today than they were just a couple of decades ago. This is due to new computer technology, which allows people to program the machines. The odds of winning are based on this programming, so the owners can control how often they pay out.

A random number generator is a computer element that randomly picks the positions of the reels. It generates numbers over and over all the time, up to thousands of number combinations every second. When a person pulls the lever, the last number it picked is the one that is used.

Online casino wagering is certainly one of the most profitable and rapidly developing spheres of e-commerce nowadays. It brings huge profits to the operators of online casino and to the more or less experienced players as well. Players who mastered the most effective winning strategies in poker, for example, can make good money playing this game in the internet without even leaving the comfort of their houses. However, there are some misconceptions about online casinos, which you should be aware of.

While some people really love online casino gambling and spend a lot of time and money playing in online casinos, some other Americans don’t stop criticizing this achievement of modern civilization. What do they base their criticism on? Well, first of all they claim that online casino sites are all rogue and designed only to trick people out of their money. Taking their own unsuccessful experience as an example, they insist that it is impossible to win in online casino gambling even if you are good enough in online casino games. Well, what can we say? We can‘t deny that there are some rogue sites in the internet that won’t pay you your winnings. You can also come across some sites with incredibly low house edges that make all gambling process just pointless. However, only you decide what site you are playing at. Nobody can make you gamble in a bad online casino if you don’t want it. Thus, the main thing in this issue is to find a large and respectable online casino with acceptable terms of gambling and honest payout system.