Scratching Lottery Tickets in Las Vegas

You suck so damn bad leave it just leaves it such an absent-minded dealer Drinking huh? I’m working on it. What’s in that coffee? It’s the trooper free coffee Up and out early, I’m gonna try to get a haircut try. We’ll see what happens All yeah haircut accomplished It’s 11:45.

Got to be in the West Gate by 2 that leaves very little time. I got to go home take a shower And I really need another coffee should I wait for the other coffee nice a Smokies shit out here All right, we’re rolling Towards the West Gate I got to tell you I like the other four wheels from earlier better than these four wheels It’s 1253 and the PM Got time to take it easy and cruise. I’m gonna stop by Starbucks by the way I put these hotel rates at the end of the last video but check these out these are rates for August for the West Gate This price the 4988 includes all taxes and fees all taxes and fees there are no resort fees on top of these prices include All fees no matter what you call them this works Taxes, whatever pretty good deal, really?

That’s all the rates I have for the moment, by the way I also never really put the number in for trooper Thursday If you want to come to trooper Thursday You should text me at seven zero to nine zero zero four six four three two, get on the list I’ve only had the one coffee so far today. I’m a little bit Like that you don’t saying and I’m driving a car oh shit Wow looks like I’m not the only one who needs coffee I’ve had some frustrations today one of them the girl who made my coffee half-assed it Looks like I’m not the only one with frustrations today Holy crap, don’t let me forget that Saturday is the free roll here that I qualified for. I got my hours. Don’t let me forget that what time is that shit? Yeah, I don’t think like that Oh Boy It’s like scratching a lottery ticket Isn’t it when you first look at your cards New girl soon What’s the matter what disabled it’s the only unsteady table oh shit, we should just go over there I was eating I was I had a nice sandwich.

Oh I thought you’re taking a shirt off get this. Can you call a cape and some goggles and outfit it up take? You discussed it DWP he had to get up and leave the table. I don’t know That’s bad dealers in the back Ready love you guys Thursday the trooper having a blast. Hope you get home soon Fine hours another meeting Yeah.

All right. It’s 11 p.m. And I am tired Trooper Thursday was a blast but when it’s over it’s over Fortunately for whoever has it But unfortunately for me I’m down by hungry. I know I know I know what you think Seriously, thanks everyone who came out to the game tonight super Thursday continues to be the most fun Poker though that I play every week Feel like I hear some cheerleading going on somewhere I’m seeing some Lightning over there if I wake up tomorrow and I start editing this vlog and It starts to be like thunderstorms and raining and shit. I may not lightning.

I may not leave my apartment If it’s not raining and thunderstorms, I’ll probably leave my apartment go out play poker in Casinoslots South Africa. But if it’s raining in thunderstorms I may stay home. Yo, remember if you like my videos click the thumbs up button. Make sure you subscribe Tell your friends about the videos leave a comment down below Big time lightning.