How to Play Spades : Jokers vs. Deuces in the Game of Spades

Hi, my name is Dan Kimbrough on behalf of, in this clip we are going to discuss the jokers verses the 2s in the game of spades. When you play spades 52 cards are dealt out, 52 divided by 4 equals 13, each player has 13 cards. Some people like to play using the jokers, if you use the jokers now you have 54 cards you have to get rid of two cards in the deck. A lot of people choose to get rid of the 2s, some people get rid of the black one, some people get rid of the red one, some people get rid of one of each, I would just get rid of the two red ones. The reason that you get rid of the 2s is that they don’t really matter. They are the lowest cards in each of there suits, everything could beat them so they are really not going to effect the game that much.

The problem that you run into now is that you reordered the deck. When you play spades the highest two cards in the deck are the ace and king of spades. These two are the highest two because the spades are trump, these are the highest two trump cards that exist.

When you add the jokers to the deck, now you have two more cards that are consider spades, so now you have six royalty high cards. Depending on where you get your deck from sometimes the jokers would look identical. Sometimes there will be a marking that is a little different, as you can see this one has a little bar on each side, this becomes the big joker.

The big joker becomes the largest card in the deck, then followed by the little joker, from there you have the ace, the king, the queen and the jack. If you play with jokers you are use to and it is no big deal. If you don’t normally play with jokers it could throw you off a little bit because you are putting down the ace thinking you have the highest card and someone comes over on top of you with one of these jokers. Again the jokers become the largest card in the game. If you have every played youker think of the jokers as bowers you got the left bower and the right bower. You want to make sure that you remember that these are the highest two cards.

Also if are going to play with them remember to take out your 2s so you don’t get a misdeals each time you deal the game.