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Learn how to play Blackjack with PlaySmart

All right, all right. PlaySmart presents Get Your Game On, where we learn how to play Blackjack with confidence so that you can have more fun playing. Welcome, welcome. Are you guys ready to Get Your Game On? – Whoo! -Okay, fantastic. Now, we we’re here with Robin. Hello, Robin. – Hi, hi. And we […]

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Naughty By Nature – Yoke the Joker

Yoke the Joker!!!! [laughter] There are too many overnight MC’s but one And too many wacked who haven’t paid dues You have now entered the path of the Flavor Unit and we are Naughty By Nature, and we will just do, by terminating you I can snap, rap, pack, click-clack, patter-pat-pat Take that ass to […]

Winning History of Slot Machine

Slot Machine Winning History Online Its a great feeling of exhilaration to people, when they hear about the gigantic winning of any casino player in the slot machine history. Big scores are offered either by high stakes blackjacks table, one spin of a roulette wheel or even when the parsimonious slot machine gives progressive jackpot. […]