About Campaign

Bishoujo gamers and fans of Tokimeki Memorial: last year Konami released Tokimeki Memorial 4 for PSP in Japan.

For over fifteen years Konami has ignored releasing a TokiMemo outside of Japan for reasons too many to list. Yet because maturation of anime and video games has evolved in leaps and bounds, many obstacles have become archaic. It is time we send a message to Konami and inform them there is a stable market for Tokimeki Memorial 4 in the West. In doing this, we greatly increase our chances for the actuality of it happening, as merely sitting on the sidelines has clearly been nothing but bring detrimental. Some might claim this endevour is a waste of time or automatically doomed to fail. How does one know the answer to that, if they don’t even try? So long as Konami believes Tokimeki Memorial 4 will never be profitable outside of Japan, there will never be a Tokimeki Memorial 4 outside of Japan.

Now is the time to let them know the right answer.